What is The Best WordPress Permalink Structure For SEO?

What are Permalinks?

This is not new question but who newbie wordpress learner always search about this thing or ask from wordpress blogger for, so when you add new page or post and publish. It generates a url, this is unique url structure is assigned to every individual post, page, category, tag, product, etc are called Permalinks.

Below is the example of Permalink after save this article it auto generated and we can edit permalink after click on edit button beside.

Example of permalink

For more information, please look on the official site. Using Permalinks

Permalinks always start with your domain e.g. https://onlineseoadvisor.com followed by a forward slash. If you installed WordPress in a subdirectory they’ll contain that in the URL e.g. https://onlineseoadvisor.com/wordpress/.

Why we need to set the wordpress Structure.

As a developer and blogger whenever i installed wordpress  i have always set the wordpress permalink. That’s because of wordpress understand .htaccess file that place on root directory of website files. When we set permalink it updates the file. if we not set permalink than it will give 404 error.

Also wordpress never select the best permalink structure for you it selects by default the Day and Name structure. Like below image.

Permalink Settings - onlineseoadvisor

Permalink Settings – onlineseoadvisor

It display a permalink on publish post like


And for pages:


This permalink called a Pretty permalink because of this ending in words. It tells search engine and user about article or page content so user can easily decide about page this is useful for them or not.

New blogger and site owners usually don’t deliver any interest to permalinks and leave them in their default behavior. And after normal use and after writing hundreds of article they recognize their mistake, but then it’s too late if they change the permalink than it affects the seo.

What’s the best WordPress permalink structure For SEO?

WordPress Permalinks Structure

WordPress Permalinks-Structure

In this post, I can show you the fine wordpress permalink shape for search engine optimization. In case you are a skilled user of WordPress, then you definitely need to be understanding that you could without problems create dozens of hyperlink structure variations. However once more there’s a big hassle, not all of them are search engine friendly and good on your website’s speed.

Post Name is best permalink structure for seo but you should follow this step for this. If you want to improve your on page seo, then you must use the %post% structure.

  • Your link should contain your targeted keyword
  • Your title should have your keyword
  • Your content should have your mainly targeted phrase ( LSI, Long Tail and synonyms )

Post name best match for if

  • Your WordPress site and blog are for enterprise.
  • Your weblog has a small number of authors.
  • Your weblog is not up to date each day or extra often.
  • you have evergreen content material that isn’t always associated with a selected date. some people might be cast off if they see a date inside the permalink. even if the content is still applicable, the fact that the permalink includes /2011/05/04/ may also convince them that the post is out of date. (In truth, a few bloggers cross one step in addition and don’t display dates on their posts – but that’s any other debate!)


Post name is also the permalink type recommended by SEO expert Yoast. Which is good enough for me?


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