10 Useful And Free Google Tools Every Blogger Should Know

In today’s world, Everyone have knowledge about google and often we use this itself for us. We all think about that we have great knowledge of all google tools and some content marketing expert may be they know about this, you still have a set of room for enhancement. In case you preference to make the maximum from your content material advertising efforts, you have to understand what strategies to put into effect, and most of all, what tools to apply. Here we will discuss the best google tools for content and how it was found, under what circumstances and all that you would like to know, so here goes the report.

unfortunately, on the subject of content material marketing tools, a lot of the ones often recommended by the experts are very costly, and the average content marketer can’t afford them.

Now, right here’s the good news: There are a group of free tools out there that you could also use to get the same results, and a lot of them are owned by means of Google.

10 Best Free Content Marketing Tools From Google

Interestingly, many people aren’t utilizing these tool, now not because they don’t need to, however due to the fact they’re unaware of them. They yet see Google as just a search engine and nothing else.

That brings us to what we’re going to talk approximately these days.

In this post, I will share with you the ten free Google tools you should be using as a content marketer. These are tools you cannot ignore if you’re serious about your business.

1. Google Plus
2. Google Keyword Planner
3.Google Sheets
4. Google Analytics
5Google Alerts
6. Google Trends
7. Google My Business
8. Google Analytics
9. Google Analytics
10. Google Search Console

Now use any above tools as per your business need and grow your business.

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