Top 5 CPM Ads Network For Bloggers

Do You Know CPM ?

Most of the ads on Google Adsense are CPC (Cost per click) it becomes really important to find a bypass that bridges the gap between CPC & CPM. CPM stands for Cost per thousand, don’t mind the “M” there it’s just Roman representation of 10000.
Most of the ads are CPC ads since working model of adwords is so. The advertisers create ads on adwords platform for which they pay “only” when someone click on their ads. Which in turn reflects on publishers blogs and directly affect their revenue.
CPM is calculated as cost of a campaign divided by the total number of impressions multiplied by 1000. Each time an ad is shown on your page it is counted as a single impression. Now that you know what CPM is let’s get into the main crust of the topic.
The five Best CPM are Given Blow…
1) AdSense
2) Bidvertiser
3) Chitika
4) PopCash
5) Amazon CPM Ads

and many CMP are available , some name are written follow —>
*  BuySellAds 
*  Exponential Ads
* Bonus: Ads Optimal
* Propeller Ads
The most usefull and best cpm is Adsense because it is a google product. if you want to get the adsense then you can apply very easly and some steps follow and you can get the adsense of add.

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