The Ultimate Guide To Using Guest Blogging as a Link Building Strategy

There is many top website in the internet that get million of visitor on their website per month but you think how it’s possible. How they get lots of page view in the site, even your site have more content. The only Reason is that they build a strong network of link building with SEO strategies.

A successful blogging site also not myth for now. Yes !!

The most reliable, effective and also powerful method is guest blogging.

“Guest posting” means post an article on someone else’s website or blog. I also give option to post on my own site (occasionally). It’s a best way to reach to large network and establish your name in the blogging.

Let us discuss how website can get the benefits of link building.

Step 1: Research and finding the Guest Blogging Opportunities

When you are quick to begin leveraging guest blogging to establish links to your website, Guest Posting need some research to make this effective in this area.

On web are many website they allow or create a page for guest posts. We only need to find these websites. You Think its difficult task, Google and some useful sites makes this easy for you, please see how!

#1: Google Search Strings

The Ultimate Guide To Using Guest Blogging as a Link Building Strategy

“[your keyword]” + “write for us”

“[your keyword]” + “guest post”

“[your keyword]” + “contribute”

“[your keyword]” + “suggest a post”

“[your keyword]” + “submit an article”

There are many high rank sites that never create pages for “Write for us” . But this not means that they not accept guest blogging. If you able to find other author published posts on site that means, they should also accept you as guest blogger.

#2: “My Guest Posts” Pages

Some bloggers love to brag about the places that they’ve been published.

And these lists are gold mine of hard to find guest post targets.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Few of blogger always list some site they worked on it. They show lists own best article have been published on that place

Please see below what i talking about.

The Ultimate Guide To Using Guest Blogging as a Link Building Strategy

Here’s how to get them:

“[your keyword]” + “my guest post”

“[your keyword]” + “posts on other blogs”

“[your keyword]” + “I’ve been featured on”

“[your keyword]” + “sites I’ve written for”

#3: Google Reverse Image Search

Find Your favorite author blog post and scroll down where they detail bio. Download image or copy image link.

author bio


Then google image search show you all the list of blogs where they had posted as guest post.

Google Image Results

#4: Competitor Backlinks Method

This is simple and fastest way to find our guest blog posting trends. Go to any websites that provides backlinks finder tool and they paste the url then analyze the results from high quality blogging sites.

Step 2#: Filtering and Research on targets

Now you have plenty of site lists after worked on above steps. But not every targets have relevant for you. May be many of the sites not had publish any post from long time. Or related domain expired now.

We need to filter or targets lists so we get some authority site. For starting user who want to join as guest blogger, they need to start with low-grade or mixed with high ranks also, this makes easy for starter to increase own chance to develop some quality post with his/her name.

Mark again your lists with the following condition

1) Author Link Profile: Is the site have separate author page or after end of the article is there any section for author profile picture with bio and social link. This is very important factor to decide.

Content Quality: Stay on some of post and manually check the site what type of post they publish. If they have copy – paste (Spam) or original high quality content. If you find with spam than need to look other site.

Domain Information: Online many domain checker or website checker tool available to give details of Domain Authority, referring domains, backlinks and domain age.

Topics Relevance: Again look through few post that and is site related to your topics? In which type of category post has assign.

Targeted Traffic: Does the site bring you target audience to your post and comment. Many comment on post show they have large active subscriber. This is also very good for you to create large audience.

Based on your answers to these questions, analyze your report into four categories:

Authority Sites: Top-tier blogs that are widely deliver and followed in your industry. Most would have a 60 DA. These are blogs you’ll prefer to begin to your “published in” list.

Mid-Tier: These are valuable, yet not considerable blogs, mostly contest by individual bloggers. Their DA is during 50-60. They often require the forecast from burden blogs regarding idea selection.

Low-Tier: These are average quality blogs without massive authority of their have (DA 40 ).

Rejected: Low-quality blogs that often feast spam, continually with a DA under 40. Avoid these blogs; they might actually undercut your rankings.

Category #1 targets will drive substantially high-quality content. These should be your better priority, but publish your content on these sites not easy thing, it takes lot of time to create perfect article of 1000 words and then still need much time to wait till site owner moderation.

Category #2 this easiest list of websites group and after rejected from top level, you can make good amount of post list and build strong network then again try on top level websites. But I recommend that if you already have post on top rank sites. Then try to not to join in mid rank.

Leave section #3 sites if you can. Such links from these domains can derive you make across as a spammer. The domain authority is furthermore too disadvantaged for Link building.

Step 3#: Approaching Guest Blog Targets

After Step 1 and step 2, we have list of targets website. We need the email address or first try to build relationship.

Let’s see how we start with both methods.
I. Finding Email Addresses
Now we only need to site owner email these easily can find through contact us section of the website. if its not available there then try to some online sites for it. Like have all the info regarding the domains owner. Other site like or AnyMailFinder also can try for it.

II. Building Relationships
Top Level sites may be not approving your request because of they hire authors and trust on it.

1) First comment on site post and share the post on social links.
2) Register on site.
3) Follow the Admin and site owner on twitter.
4) Send some new idea for helping his site or any coding issue.

After these, try to send some guest post pitch. They will accept or give you some feedback about post. When you improve this article sooner will join as guest post author.

Step #4: Develop a relationship for future opportunities

You’re at the point of done.

1. Actively Respond to Comments: Don’t submit the post and forget the article. Always reply to comment and thank for it.
2. Promote Using Your Social Media Channels: Always update your social media profile and follow them your follower.
3. Send a Thank You Note: After live your post, i recommend to thank the site owner.
4. Blog Comment Bonanza: As described in Step 1, I’ll sometimes score out to commenter’s and manage if I can guest enrollment opportunity on their site.

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