What is WordPress? Why Should You Use WordPress?

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WordPress is a tool for blogging. It is a free open source, at the same time it is PHP and MySQL Server Database based CMS. Which can be connected through different web hosting services. It is usually used for publishing the content (articles most preferably).

What’s new? The Features & Plugins

There are a number of features which distinct Worpress and makes it unique and different Content Management System (CMS). The plug-in architecture and the template system is one of those features. It has become most famous and popular blogging and content management system among the users and currently used by over 60 million websites and blogs.

Difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the place where people can easily avail the software free of cost. But at the same time, you can purchase some premium plugins as well. WordPrss.org provides the freedom to the site owners to do all the stuff by themselves. Which means if you have an account on wordpress.org, you can modify the functionality, design and other stuff by yourself easily. With the help of WP codex, you can even find anything almost everything you need to roll WordPress on your domain. You will not be even needing to pay for removing third party advertisement. You can even modify the core of PHP with any restrictions. You can use the themes that you like, and can add jQuery, or install any other plugin that you want. However there is a version of WordPress hosting range from small to medium will cost you about $15 on max. And there may be some additional charges per annul you might have to bear in order to renew your domain.

Whereas, WordPress.com has some difference, the hosting is free. And you will be requiring to install the software. The quality of hosting service is decent which means total built-in protection from spams, automatic updates, security and automatic backups of your data. There are some plugins which are not available at any other platform than WordPress.com. At the same time, there are certain limitations like you cannot modify or re-define the PHP source code. You cannot add and upload any plugins separately, but still there are many plugins available already on WordPress.com. The customization of themes is quite limited.

By default you domain name will not be sounding much professional. However, you can buy your domain name and then map it into you WordPress System. If you want to avoid third party apps, additional fee of $30 per year may apply in that case. There is a custom design package within wordpress, which will help you to modify and choose the theme design by making some basic CSS amendments. It will going to cost you $30 per annul. If you want to add your own videos to wordpress.com, then a plugin named “VideoPress” wil going to cost you $60 a year. But the YouTube video embedding is free of cost available without even adding VideoPress. Plus if you want to have some free storage, the cost of free storage starts from $20.If you want to buy any premium theme, the cost of premium theme ranges from $50 to $90.

Why Use WordPress

whilst i have already peppered this post with the numerous reasons why others like you like and use the CMS, now i give brief description why you need to sign up for the WP family.

WordPress is easy to extend and learn

WordPress comes with an exhaustive set of paid and free themes and plugins. even as the subject matters help you manage the look and presentation of your website, plugins increase and enlarge the capability of your website online.
Outside the native WordPress community, there exist several thriving marketplaces in which developers and groups sell WordPress themes and plugins. For instance, the usage of plugins which includes BuddyPress, you may create a powerful social community on WP very quickly. With ecommerce plugins which include Woocommerce and Cart66 Cloud amongst others, you can launch a web shop in a hour.

WordPress is launched under GPLv2 license. GPL mandates that the by-product work ought to inherit the GPL license itself. issues and plugins are seemed as derivative works and as a result they inherit GPL license. The benefit of use is such that you possibly can start publishing the articles within mins of putting in WordPress on their web page. You just need to positioned your content in textual content layout and relaxation of the matters might be taken care by using the CMS.

Good at SEO

Maybe you are having no knowledge to search engine optimization as of now, however as soon as you’ll create your internet site, you may understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the crucial activities to ensure your website ranks high on Google, Baidu, Bing or other search engines like google. WordPress is one of the most search engine optimization friendly CMS and it’s far completely W3C well suited. It has constructed in alternative for RSS, ping functionality. A smooth and search engine pleasant code helps you improve website’s on-line visibility easily in search engines. A former Google’s web spam head – Matt Cutts – as soon as cited “WordPress is made to do properly for seo”. WP supports meta data, tags, categories, SEO-friendly URLs, and so much more including SEO plugins. WP supports meta data, tags, categories, SEO-friendly URLs, and so much more including SEO plugins.

WordPress is Fast & Secure

Someone who already used the wordpress, they may be not belive that wordpress is secure but trust me, wordpress have all the features to make your site secure. You just need know how to use right plugin that make your website powerful and secure. I personally recommend for Brute Forece and iThemes Security. I have always use Akismet, HidemyWP and Loginizer, they are ultimate warrior for stop spamming and improve security.

How to Get Started with WordPress

If you want to use WordPress.org, then all you required is to find a suitable and compatible web hosting package which can get integrated with WordPress. The web hosting plan should also have the support of MySQL and PHP. So, before proceeding any purchase, always make sure that web hosting plan meets all the requirement that can help you to integrate you WordPress.

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